Walter Frey III, Executive Vice President
Herbert J. Sims & Co.
(Walter is currently a Principal with Windermere Strategic Partners.)

“I have known Rick Alcala since he joined zumBrunnen in 1999 and have worked on a number of CCRC projects with him, including projects in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina while he was at zumBrunnen. Since he formed Alcala Construction Management, Inc., I have worked with him on a CCRC project in Virginia with a troubled construction history and on a potential acquisition of a community in Florida. In every case, Rick demonstrates excellent professionalism; with his background in construction, he understands the issues that are important to each member of the project team: the owner, lender, construction contractor, regulatory authorities and others. He is able to identify issues and discuss them with each member in a manner that is understandable and to the point, leading to consensus and improving the efficiency of the project. He is industrious, detail-oriented and focused on the needs of the client. In the Harbor’s Edge project, Rick showed himself to be a skilled negotiator, helping to negotiate difficult settlements with the contractor and the company’s insurers. I would be happy to work with him as part of a project team.”

Martin Satava, Executive Vice President Development
Pacific Retirement Services, Inc.
(Martin is currently a Principal with Stirling Bridge,LLC)

“I have over 10 years experience working with Rick Alcala, and I consider ALCALA CM, Inc. an important part of the Pacific Retirement Services team. During that time I have found ALCALA in every instance to be thorough, extremely responsive, and best of all tremendously insightful, no matter what the construction issue we are dealing with. Whether its an acquisition or a ground up development, we have greatly benefited from ALCALA’s straight forward, no nonsense approach which, in turn, has saved us significant dollars over the years.”

Neil Volder, President/CEO Volder Consulting, LLC,
Developer of Harbor’s Edge, Norfolk, VA.

“When a tropical storm hit our project, before the project was “dried in”, we incurred massive interior damage. We decided that the best company to work with, to help determine the cause, was ALCALA CM, Inc. This proved to be one of our best decisions. Not only did they help tremendously in solving the construction problems, but served to provide the technical expertise that enabled us to prevail in subsequent litigation and maximize our insurance settlement(s).”

William R. Van Buren III, Managing Partner, Kaufman & Canoles

“We were assisted by ALCALA CM, Inc. on several claims for an important client on a high profile project. Their involvement helped us succeed in resolving these claims in mediation, and saved our client the expense of a prolonged arbitration. We would be happy to work with them in the future.”

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