Conflict Resolution and Claims Avoidance

Conflict Resolution and Claims Avoidance

Claims are common in the construction industry. They are costly and time consuming, and invariably have a negative impact on the project schedule and profitability. ALCALA helps avoid claims through regular communication and documentation of project progress and issues. When claims are unavoidable, ALCALA can provide our client with expert assistance to its legal team, including technical data, Powerpoint presentations, detailed reports and photographs, which help strengthen our client’s case, and reduce legal costs.

-Bring parties together (i.e. Owner, Architect, Contractor, Subcontractor, etc.) to discuss issues
-Provide scheduling, estimating, contractual expertise as necessary
-Negotiate Settlement on outstanding Claims via mediation where possible
-Work with Legal Counsel
-Power Point Presentations
-Assist with preparation for arbitration or litigation

“We were assisted by Alcala Construction Management on several claims for an important client on a high profile project. Their involvement helped us succeed in resolving these claims in mediation, and saved our client the expense of a prolonged arbitration. We would be happy to work with them in the future.”

William R. Van Buren III, Managing Partner,
Kaufman & Canoles

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